SoyaOil® MediShield® specialized anti-microbial paint.

MedShield® is a one-step wall coating paint sytem designed and developed to provide high-tech, anti-microbial, smart, healthy and safe internal building environments.

MediShield® utilizes the latest high tech nano photocatalytic additives. Surfaces that are coated using Medishield® are anti-bacterial, air-purifying, water-resistant, mold-resistant and extremely durable.

MediShield® Coatings are for interior use in Hospitals, Health Facilities, Restaurants, Food Industries, Airports, Penitentiaries, Schools, Government Facilities, Offices, Commercial Buildings, Washrooms, Public Areas, Private Homes and more.

Available in Matte, Eggshell, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.

  • Excellent stain and scrub resistance.
  • Pick from thousands of zero VOC colours.
  • Great flow and leveling making for easy application.
  • Cleans up with soap and water.
  • Applies directly over existing alkyd (oil) painted surfaces
  • Zero Volative Organic Content VOC and low in odour.
  • True replacement for restricted mineral spirit solvent based alkyd paints.
  • 100% biodegradable formula ingredients with no content of Crystalline Silica, Formaldehyde, or Aromatic Carbons.
  • 55% solids producing a high hide coating.
  • Food grade and medical grade compliant.
  • Made from bio-sustainable plant-based ingredients.

How does MediShield® work?

Painting using MediShield® for applicators is easy, apply 1-2 coatings (as needed) to any interior substrate. Application is a one step process with no need for any additional steps or specialized primer or topcoat. Once the painted surface cures (24 hours) the nano photocatalytic technology properties activate and the surface is protected.

Photocatalytic properties react when UV light (high or low rate) hits the surface of the coating. The UV light agitates the nano based particles creating a photocatalytic reaction mode that results in the eradication of any form of bacterial and viral organisms. Bacteria and viruses that come into contact with surfaces coated with MediShield® Coatings are completely destroyed by the eradication process, resulting in a highly versatile anti-microbial coating system.

The photocatlytic properties of MediShield® also improve indoor air quality by elimination of organic odours (smells from oganisms such as smoke, pet odours, cooking and any other organic based odours). Allergy risk is therefore reduced significantly through this air purification process.


Allergen free, non-toxic, plant-based ingredients.

Fast Dry Times

Tack free in 30 minutes, recoat in 1 hour.

High Adhesion

Waterborne alkyd superior adhesion.

Easy Cleanup

Wash up with clean warm soapy water.


For best results use a 10mm pile.


Works with most spray systems.


Zero VOC, Bio-Sustainable paints and coatings.


Packaging is made using 100% recycled materials.