Plant-Based Paint

Made from 100% plant and mineral based ingredients.

Did you know that the majority of paints available on the market are made from non-renewable synthetic oils. Latex paints are essentially man made liquid plastics that dry to form a hardened plastic coating. Latex technology performs well but is outdated in terms environmental responsibilities, expectations and the advancement in bio-based chemistry and new performance capabilities.

SoyaOil® paints and coatings are manufactured using renewable resources (plant oils) as their main ingredient. We combine soya oil with other plant derived ingredients and natural minerals to produce next generation, one of a kind, bio-sustainable paints and coatings. SoyaOil® bio-sustainable waterborne-alkyd technology can replace plastic latex technology and help to make big steps in the right direction; combating climate change.

Environmentally Friendly High Performance Coatings.

SoyaOil® plant based waterborne alkyd paint provides you with all the expected properties of paint during application: ease of use, low-odour, a full range of colours and sheens, quick re-coat, great flow & leveling, fast drying. The resulting painted surface is smooth-to-touch, scrubable, washable and durable.

SoyaOil® paint combines the best in stain and scrub resistance with hi-hide paint solids content to produce perfect, longer lasting durable finishes. True zero VOC formulation without the compromise in commercial durability. The combination of our zero VOC colourants provides perfect harmony for tinting, with over 2000+ beautiful environmentally friendly colour choices.

Supporting Canadian Agriculture.

Sustainable innovation is the key to a greener, more ‘realistic’ and modern future. SoyaOil® resin technology uses Canadian grown and farmed soya beans. Once harvested the crop is pressed to extract the oil out of the bean. The extracted oil is processed through a low energy reactor and transformed into a rosin ingredient. This rosin is then emulsified into a resin product, which is used to make up the majority of SoyaOil® based ingredients.

SoyaOil® paints and coatings received the Premier’s award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence in 2016 for their paint technology innovation:

“Innovative eco-friendly, allergy-free paint with a zero-carbon footprint that performs just as well as its acrylic counterparts. Developed in conjunction with industry partners and the Industrial Research Assistance Programs, this next generation soybean based paint technology provides consumers with a bio preferred option.”

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Superior technologies achieve superior results.

Looking for improved paint technology? SoyaOil® coatings product formulation is unique to Soya Oil Coatings Canada INC and achieves maximum product performance with minimal volatility. SoyaOil® coatings technology is waterborne…